Popular Snow Resort Tourist Destination Near Kanazawa City in Ishikawa Prefecture”Hakusan Ichirino Ski Resort”

2018.08.10 │ 一里野高原ホテルろあん │ English. information. お知らせ

Where in Japan can you enjoy snow sightseeing really easily? The Hakusan Ichirino Onsen Ski Resort! Locate

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Mt.Hakusan trekking in Japan! [Hiking][green tourism]

2018.05.05 │ 一里野高原ホテルろあん │ English. information

Mt. Hakusan is one of Japan’s most beautiful mountains! ↓more infomation↓

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2017.04.20 │ 一里野高原ホテルろあん │ English. information. お知らせ. その他. ろあんの最新情報. 中文簡体. 中文繁体. 日本語. 通知. 通知

タイの関ジャニ!吉本興業タイ支店さんの番組収録がありました♪ 左の男性は、金沢の街でタイからの観光の方からキャーキャー言われるほどの タイの国民的アイドルさん! 日本で言うところのジャニーズ・・・関ジャニ8さんの

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How to access information “Kanazawa ST” to “Roan”

2017.04.19 │ 一里野高原ホテルろあん │ English. information

【Guests Arriving from Kanazawa Station】 Shuttle service from the hotel to Kanazawa Station is not provided

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Enjoy “SAMURAI ROUT” Kanazawa & Onsen & Shirakawa-go travellers

2017.04.19 │ 一里野高原ホテルろあん │ English. information

Castle town Kanazawa boasts plenty of highlights such as Kenrokuen garden, samurai residences, teahouse di

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Gibier Dish

2016.04.11 │ 一里野高原ホテルろあん │ English. information

Have you ever heard about “gibier”? It is very popular right now in Japan. It’s a special dish of wild ani

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Enjoy your stay amidst the serenity of nature

2016.02.04 │ 一里野高原ホテルろあん │ information

Open-air Onsen Baths with refreshing air from surrounding forests; seating alongside the Japanese hearth i

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Conveniently located for traveling to Mt. Hakusan, Shirakawa-go and Kanazawa!A renowned Spa Hotel for Irori Japanese Cuisine and Open-air Onsen Baths amidst forest trees

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