Japan Ichikawa ski resort “snowy mountain experience tour” (60min by car from Kanazawa )


【Accompanied by English interpreter Guide】

Snowy mountain
experience tour

Hakusan is a snow heaven! White fairies float down from the sky as if they are dancing.
A silver world covered in soft, cotton-like snow.
Each crystal sparkles, just like a jewel!


<What you can experience on the tour>




Building snowmen


Tubing Sledding


Gondola aerial tour

The largest snow play slope in Hokuriku!




Use a moving belt Enjoy playing in the snow!



Time schedule

■11:00 Ski-wear rental (at Alpen rental shop)
・Aerial ski field sightseeing (viewing the ski field from a gondola)
・Snowy mountain commemorative photo (at the top of the ski field)

■12:00 Lunch (Ichirino Kogen Hotel Roan)
■13:00 Snow play experience (Kids Park)
Snow sledding/Tubing/Snow sculpture making/Snowball fight

■15:00 Commemorative ski photo (flat area on snow)
Take a commemorative photo with skis or snowboard

■16:00 Finish


Participation fee:14,800円
*Minimum number of participants is 2 people
*Cancelled if bad weather
*Insurance fee included


\Reservations & Inquiries/

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