Enjoy “SAMURAI ROUT” Kanazawa & Onsen & Shirakawa-go travellers


kanazawa castle with sakura(spring)


kenrokuen (kenroku garden)




higashi chayagai


ninjya temple


21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa


oumicho marche

Castle town Kanazawa boasts plenty of highlights such as Kenrokuen garden, samurai residences, teahouse districts, and the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art!




hakusan-shirakawago white road

Currently, “samurai routes” are very popular among travellers in Japan. The route from Kanazawa to World Heritage Site Shirakawa-go and Takayama, with its old townscapes, is even more popular than the standard Tokyo, Kyoto and Nara routes!


mt. hakusan

Mt. Hakusan, one of Japan’s three famous mountains, stands towering in the middle of that route.

Hakusan Shirakawa-go White Road links Kanazawa with Takayama and Shirakawa-go as a scenic route where you can enjoy superb views of Mt. Hakusan.
Ichirino Kogen Hotel Roan is located at the White Road entrance (Kanazawa side). A hotel featured in the 2016 Michelin Guide.


hakusan shirakawago white road

Hiring a rental car is recommended for its high degree of freedom, but there’s also a bus travel agency “White Ring”, with buses running from Kanazawa through Mt. Hakusan and on to Shirakawa-go and Takayama, allowing you to enjoy sightseeing even without a rental car.


roan’s onsen spa

Our hotel includes open-air onsen (reservable) where you can also enjoy being immersed in the forest, and rooms with private onsen attached, allowing you to fully enjoy the natural hot spring.


traditional japanese food

The meal house is a reconstructed 100-year-old traditional Japanese building. Lined up around the fireplaces within the meal house is the fresh local produce of Mt. Hakusan and its waterways. These dinners include local cuisines, such as A5-grade Hida steak, Mt. Hakusan wild game, edible wild plants gathered from nearby mountains, and naturally-grown pesticide/fertilizer-free vegetables.


Enjoy sitting around the charcoal fireplaces, grilling skewers, rice cakes and Hida steaks, experiencing the eating habits of the old Japan. A wonderful memory, loved by guests.


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Conveniently located for traveling to Mt. Hakusan, Shirakawa-go and Kanazawa!A renowned Spa Hotel for Irori Japanese Cuisine and Open-air Onsen Baths amidst forest trees

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